Legislation Amended to include Netting and Twine Producers

The Government recently amended the Farm Plastics Regulations to include netting and twine producers, with effect from October 1st 2017. This means that going forward netting and twine producers must either participate in an approved recycling scheme (i.e. IFFPG) or operate a deposit and refund scheme.

In the case of current IFFPG members who are supplying netting and twine, they must complete Monthly Return Form 2017 – Net and twine and annual returns for product placed on the market from 1st October 2017. In the case of netting and twine producers who are currently not IFFPG members but who would like to become members, they should complete the MembersApplication’2017doc -netting and twine and / or contact us  for further information.

IFFPG will use levy income from netting and twine producers to drive the recovery of netting and twine wastes through reducing collection charges at bring-centres from €15 to €5 per half tonne bag.