Farm Plastic Regulations

Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe to have introduced legislation specifically designed to promote farm plastics recycling. The relevant legislation is the Farm Plastics Regulations , which were originally introduced in 1997 and later revised in 2001 and Amended in 2017.

The regulations are critical to supporting farm plastics recycling as they place a legal responsibility on producers of farm film products to specifically support recycling.


The regulations require companies that place farm film products on the Irish market to either:

1. Become directly involved in the recycling of farm plastics waste with their customers (referred to as offering a deposit and refund scheme)


2. Participate in a government approved farm plastics recycling scheme (i.e. either become members of IFFPG or buy from IFFPG members).

Become a IFFPG member


As there are currently no producers offering a deposit and refund scheme, this simplifies things from an enforcement point of view. This means that the IFFPG recycling levy applies to all product based on the Irish market. The sale of farm film products without recycling levy is illegal.

The enforcement of the regulations is the responsibility of local authorities. IFFPG assists and supports the enforcement efforts of local authorities through the activities of its Compliance Officer.