Collection Charges – bring centre

It is very important that farmers provide the 6 digit label code on all Silage wrap/Sheets and Netting/Twine at bring-centres or when booking a farm collection, as this entitles them to significantly reduced collection fees.

Escalating fuel and energy costs caused by the war in Ukraine have recently significantly increased our recycling costs.

Silage Plastic (wrap & sheeting) Collection Charges 2022 

With Code  Without Code
0.5 tonnes plastic (approx 250 wraps, 3 covers)  €35 €95

Non-Silage Plastics Collection Charges (per half tonne bulk fertiliser bag) 2022

Plastic type Charge per half tonne bag 
*Large fertiliser & feed bags €10
*Small fertiliser & feed bags €10
*Drums €10
Netting & twine €5

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