Bring-centre Calendar

The most cost effective way for farmers to recycle their farm plastics waste is at one of our 200 bring-centres (click to view calendar ) that we hold annually in the period April to August each year. Farmers can recycle their farm plastics waste at one of our bring-centres for as little €35 (collection charges) with the label code (explanation of the label code).

Non-silage plastics waste (fertiliser & meal bags, drum), can be recycled for €10 per 500 kg sized bag. Netting can be recycled for ONLY €5 PER 500 kg per 500 sized bag. Farmers are encouraged to deliver non-silage plastic wastes in old bulk fertiliser/feed bags.

Silage plastics waste can be presented loose at the bring-centre for recycling. 

Non-silage plastics must be presented bagged separately for recycling .

It is very important the inner liners of bulk fertiliser bags are removed and bagged separately. It is also essential that drums are triple rinsed before presenting for recycling.

If you want to receive information about your local bring-centre by text message, please fill in the form. Also use the attached form if you want to change your details on our database or if you no longer want to receive text messages from us.

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