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Pamela McEvoy, Recycling Co-ordinator

Pamela, who is with IFFPG since 2006, is principally responsible for supplying silage plastics waste to recycling facilities in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. In the case of material that is exported for recycling, Pamela ensures that IFFPG complies with stringent national trans frontier shipment legislation. Pamela is also largely responsible for managing the day to day accounts of the scheme.

Recycle Pink Campaign

Further to the success of the pink wrap initiative this year in which some IFFPG members made a contribution to breast cancer awareness charities for every roll of pink wrap sold, IFFPG will make a contribution next year to the Irish Cancer Society for every tonne of pink wrap recycled (photo of pink wrap). So we are asking you to make sure that you recycle your pink wrap next year and in doing so not only help the environment but [...]